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The Puzhou Group - Why choose us?

The advantages of the Puzhou Group to our suppliers are ...

Puzhou International Ltd provides our UK and European suppliers of recovered materials with a reliable and trustworthy link to both the European Trading market and the South East Asian recycling and reprocessing market. In particular, China - a market where there is high demand and value for all types of recovered plastics and where we hold a strategic place with the final end market user.

We provide a hassle free, efficient service, selecting for our UK and mainland European suppliers the appropriate buyers from our large established buyer base, which include UK, European, Chinese and other South East Asian manufacturers and recyclers that offer regular demand and the most lucrative return on your recovered plastic materials.

With preferential access to Qingdao and Yantai Port, China through our local government and commercial business links, we are able to remain highly competitive in our market and offer the following benefits:

  • Easy Access to mainland China end user market.
  • Established links to over 100 factories of various plastic reprocessors across China.
  • Provide a regular buying demand every month for your recovered scrap plastic material.
  • Reassurance of a responsible and accredited end reprocessor of your material through an audit trail.
  • Sustainable solutions to meeting your waste legislation compliance.

If you would like further information about The Puzhou Group or would like to make an enquiry please contact us.

The Puzhou Group

The Puzhou Group

The advantages of the Puzhou Group to our buyers are ...

Our UK and mainland Europe base enables us to have control over the materials that we purchase and export to our end market users.

We guarantee that all materials exporter are of an agreed high quality specification and sourced from reliable suppliers that adhere to very strict and high environmental quality standards. Puzhou International Ltd, work with some of the largest handlers of scrap plastic materials for recycling in the UK and mainland Europe. This enables us to provide our buyers in China and other parts of South East Asia, with a long term efficient solution to obtaining their desired scrap plastic materials on a regular basis and to take advantage of the following services by being part of the Puzhou Group, this includes:

  • Easy access to source recovered scrap plastic materials from the UK and mainland Europe market.
  • The 'Puzhou Promise' guarantees that all materials have been inspected and checked before exporting by a trained member of staff at Puzhou International Ltd, and the material has been sourced from a responsible and trusted 'Puzhou Group' verified supplier.
  • Quality control of all recovered plastic materials by experienced representatives of the Puzhou International Ltd team and 'The Puzhou Group' partners, ensures that quality and responsibility are never compromised.

If you would like further information about The Puzhou Group or would like to make an enquiry please contact us.

'Our AIM' - To be your most trusted partner in the buying and selling of your recovered waste scrap plastic.